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Squarespace Promo Code 2021

Get up to 50% off of any Squarespace plan with these coupon codes

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Updated Apr 17 2022 Juhil Mendpara Juhil Mendpara

I have two reasons to believe you’re smart:

  1. You decided to build your website with our most recommended website builder, Squarespace.
  2. You came looking for this page ⁠— the Squarespace Coupon Code page. Hey, why let go of the free money, right?!

I also like to believe I am a fairly smart person who knows not getting to the point will lead to someone breaking my belief. So…

1. PARTNER10: Save 10% on Squarespace annual plans

Squarespace is “The Apple Of Website Builders,” as mentioned in our comprehensive Squarespace review. And just like Apple, they rarely offer any discounts.

However, Squarespace gave us a special discount to share with our readers.

You can use PARTNER10 to get an extra 10% off of whatever deal's going on on their site. This promo code is applicable for first-time users opting for the annual plans.

Here’s a little table to show you how much you’ll save:

Plan Monthly Plans Annual Plans Annual Plans + PARTNER10 code
Personal $16/month $12/month $10.8/month
Business $26/month $18/month $16.2/month
Basic Commerce $35/month $26/month $23.4/month
Advanced Commerce $54/month $40/month $36.0/month

You can basically save up to $18/month if compared to Squarespace monthly packages or up to $4/month on annual plans if you use PARTNER10.

2. 50% off for students

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount to current full-time students on its Personal, Business, and Commerce plans.

You can get the discount only if you are a first-time user choosing the annual plan. Also, you can’t combine it with any other offers.

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount.

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount.

To receive the discount, you have to:

  1. Be a current full-time student.
  2. Register with Student Beans and prove you are an eligible student by completing the verification process.
  3. Go to the Student Beans Squarespace page & get the code.

The code you get is a single-use offer code that can be generated every 12 months.

3. Get up to 30% off by choosing to pay annually

Unless you are just trying to test the full capacity of Squarespace after their 14-day trial (we found it’s the best fit for almost everything from a simple photography website to a business site), there’s no reason to get a monthly plan.

On the contrary, getting an annual package can help you save up to 30%!

Plan Monthly Plans Annual Plans Savings
Personal $16/month $12/month 25%
Business $26/month $18/month 30%
Basic Commerce $35/month $26/month 25%
Advanced Commerce $54/month $40/month 25%

Moreover, unlike the Squarespace student discounts, you can combine the PARTNER10 code with these annual plans and get an additional 10% off. Of course, the student discount code is still much better, but guess what? You likely aren’t a student!

How to apply the Squarespace Promo Code?

It's pretty straightforward but a bit different than your usual e-commerce purchase. To apply the Squarespace promo code:

  1. Sign up and start building your website (you get a 14-day free trial!).
  2. At the bottom of the editor, you’ll see the Subscribe button.
  3. Click it, and you’ll be asked to select a plan.
  4. Choose your preferred plan & enter all the billing information on the next page.
  5. Then comes the Review Order panel, where there’s an option to add a promo code.

That’s it. Add PARTNER10 or any discount code. Enjoy the savings!