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46 Examples of Inspiring Portfolio Websites

Last Updated February 25 2022

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Great portfolio websites get out of the way. Ornamentation is not necessary. Instead whitespace should frame and showcase the photography, videos, illustrations etc.

Beware portfolios that are too unusual. A portfolio should be simple— weird scrolling mechanics might be unique but they can also frustrate and alienate users. Your portfolio website shouldn’t be too unique, think of it like an art gallery— pretty and austere with plenty of space to showcase the artwork.

Screenshot of Wild Heart Flowers, from the portfolio websites collection.

Wild Heart Flowers is a floral design company created by Christina Hartman. Gorgeous weddings and unique special events make up her portfolio which includes work that’s been featured in Bridal and Interior Magazines.

Screenshot of RyuCreative, from the portfolio websites collection.

RyuCreative is a boutique style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female ran company has successfully assisted several different companies in PR, Social Branding and Creative Design.

Screenshot of Mindy Nguyen, from the portfolio websites collection.

Currently located in Los Angeles, visual artist and designer Mindy Nguyen helps brands with identity, art direction, web design and much more. She currently freelances and also works with ilovecreatives Studio.

Screenshot of Samantha Keely Smith, from the portfolio websites collection.

Samantha is an artist currently working from Brooklyn New York. Her paintings of people and the world around her have a unique way of connecting with viewers psychologically.

Screenshot of Meiwen See, from the portfolio websites collection.

Meiwen is a professional photographer that features travel, people, editorial and interior photography. He is also a designer, combining his many artistic talents to help his clients with branding, artistic direction and more.

Screenshot of Kenneth Reitz, from the portfolio websites collection.

Kenneth Reitz is a well rounded guy. He’s a photographer, writes essays and blog posts and also has podcasts. He tackles all of his crafts on a deeper level, and invites you to join him on his road of exploration worldwide.

Screenshot of Mike Kelley, from the portfolio websites collection.

Mike Kelley is a photographer located in California. You can view his amazing work that is focused on architecture as well as his love for airplanes. He loves the world of art and design and merging these together in his projects.

Screenshot of Erica Lauren, from the portfolio websites collection.

Erica is a plus sized model with a background in music and business. She has worked with many different companies in their ads and loves to be the face of the future and body acceptance. You can view her Instagram and shop her looks as well!

Screenshot of Israel Arredondo, from the portfolio websites collection.

Israel has a passion for photography, documentaries and editorial images. He works alongside his wife, who provides makeup and beauty services to clients, while Israel captures the day being played out. They have 3 children and live in Mexico currently.

Screenshot of Wiggs Photo, from the portfolio websites collection.

Landon Wiggs is the talent behind this portfolio who serves the Phoenix Arizona area, but is available to work globally. You can find commercial work, head-shots, and architectural photography.

Screenshot of Rob Jinks Photography, from the portfolio websites collection.

Rob Jinks Photography offers wedding, engagement, and family photography that capture meaningful moments. This website feels both classy and adventurous. It also showcases his work and clearly defines his services.

Screenshot of Devon Stank, from the portfolio websites collection.

Devon is a developer who works directly with Squarespace. He focuses on helping a variety of different clients providing assistance in the field of coding and the front end development aspect. He is currently located in Pennsylvania.

Screenshot of Francis Meaney, from the portfolio websites collection.

Francis and Sarah offer wedding photography packages and live in Ireland with their dog. Their style sets them apart from other photographers because the focus is more on story telling and they put effort into being different when working with their clients taste.

Screenshot of Charles Daoud, from the portfolio websites collection.

Charles works globally applying his skills in graphic design and typography. He’s collaborated with companies as well known as Netflix, and continues to develop genius ideas that aid in the advertising of brands.

Screenshot of Janet Echelman, from the portfolio websites collection.

Janet is an artist with some amazing work at the center of different locations worldwide. She is an absolute master at her craft, and continuously pushes the limits in sculpture, architecture and modern art as a whole.

Screenshot of Dylan Perlot, from the portfolio websites collection.

Dylan is from France, and moved to LA to follow his dreams of using his artistry. His work is now published in well-known magazines, featuring fashion, portraits and editorial work.

Screenshot of David Justice Photography, from the portfolio websites collection.

David Justice loves the details from a photographers perspective. He has a blog called “Fstoppers” where he writes a variety of articles about the art of photography, equipment used and helps others in his field.

Screenshot of September Company, from the portfolio websites collection.

Caitlin and Thad are a married couple that created the September Company. They work out of New Orleans and offer wedding services for the romantic couples looking for simplistic images. They take their personal experience and apply it to other’s special days for a unique experience.

Screenshot of Ruwen Liu, from the portfolio websites collection.

Ruwen is an illustration artist. He currently works for Sizigi Studios on projects that have a fiction and fantasy vibe to them, and you can easily contact him via the site for illustration work to be done.

Screenshot of Duane Smith, from the portfolio websites collection.

Duane Smith is a wedding photographer representing Cape Town. He is also a destination wedding photographer that has been creating his portfolio since 2011. He loves the connection he can create with the people in his photos.

Screenshot of Nikki Martin, from the portfolio websites collection.

Nikki is a photographer that is located in Maine. She likes to keep it simple when she approaches her specialties in newborn, family and portraits. This allows the picture to speak for itself, her work has been featured in magazines as well.

Screenshot of Nana Varveropoulou

Nana grew up in Athens where her love for photography was born. She is a photographer, lecturer at a university and artist. Her work has been published in magazines and she loves collaborating with others.

Screenshot of Bloom Weddings, from the portfolio websites collection.

Chris and Annie are a husband and wife team of photographer and videographers in the UK. They are happy to travel worldwide and capture the love of couples regardless of location. Their style is romantic and emotional allowing you to really feel the moment from a single image.

Screenshot of Lisa Maltby, from the portfolio websites collection.

Lisa is an illustrator and artist that has created some truly unique stuff. She loves to be bold and comical in her work, and has worked for several companies bringing different projects and ideas to life.

Screenshot of Cari Pilgrim, from the portfolio websites collection.

Cari is located in Georgia and has a huge portfolio full of work on weddings, lifestyle sessions, boudoir and more. She emphasizes the importance of providing actual print packages that allow her to put together albums and truly recreate the memory.

Screenshot of Future Looks Good, from the portfolio websites collection.

This company is ran by a man who adores modern love and capturing that whole heartedly. His styles is unique and far from traditional. It’s perfect for the couple that considers themselves to be eclectic yet simple.

Screenshot of Larisa Shorina, from the portfolio websites collection.

Larisa now resides in NYC, but was born in Russia. Her upbringing has made her a fun, passionate photographer who has an obsession and admiration for capturing the love of couples around the world. Her goal is to make you relax and have fun while working with her.

Screenshot of Sidney Diongzon, from the portfolio websites collection.

Sidney is a designer and artist that has worked on some truly amazing campaigns with companies such as google. Working with these companies has given him a huge amount of knowledge, and he provides that expertise to you with presets and other packages to make your editing process more simple and unique.

Screenshot of Jesse Herzog, from the portfolio websites collection.

Jesse is a videographer and photographer that is currently serving Toronto. His work combines a simplicity of emotions with loud colors and old school vibes.

Screenshot of Anthony J Rayburn, from the portfolio websites collection.

Anthony is a photographer and film specialist based out of Florida. He travels to beautiful locations around the world to practice his skills and has portfolios in commercial, non-profit, editorial and more.

Screenshot of Holger Biebrach, from the portfolio websites collection.

Holger is a professional in the world of 3D images and creations located in Germany. His portfolio contains animation and technical direction projects, as well as downloads to learn and watch projects from start to finish.

Screenshot of Belle Art, from the portfolio websites collection.

Belle Art photography is a destination wedding photographer offering deep and emotional packages for weddings, elopements and more. You can add what she calls a “Super 8” film to your packages which she feels adds a whole new level to remembering your day.

Screenshot of Harry Frank, from the portfolio websites collection.

Harry Frank is a creator and teacher of design, technical and engineering art projects. After 25 years in the business, we was able to hone in on what he could offer to other artists and now creates tools that simplify production.

Screenshot of Brandon Woelfel, from the portfolio websites collection.

Brandon is a photographer in New York. Check out his site for his awesome artistic portfolio as well as information on his craft as a whole. He tells you about the gear he uses, shows you before and afters and shows you the companies he has partnered with in the past.

Screenshot of Adam Bird Photography, from the portfolio websites collection.

Adam is a photographer based out of England. He specializes in weddings, portraits and has some gorgeous fairy tale like images worth taking a look at.

Screenshot of Genevieve Renee, from the portfolio websites collection.

Genevieve started her company back in 2005 and has been working on wedding, engagements and corporate projects ever since. You can find some of her work in Bridal Magazines and read her blog about her projects and get the full story for each of them.

Screenshot of Thomas Defert, from the portfolio websites collection.

Thomas Defert has a portfolio full of paintings and photography textures examined at a close level. He’s the Art Director of BETC located in Paris, and collaborates with Emile Defert on creative projects.

Screenshot of Michael Rizza, from the portfolio websites collection.

Michael is an artist located in Tennessee. He serves nearby areas in addition to traveling for destination weddings. Aside from weddings and couples, he also offers portraits and senior picture packages in addition to film options.

Screenshot of Karl Grenet, from the portfolio websites collection.

Karl is an avid traveler and documentary photographer. You can find beautiful stories of different places he’s visited through his unique way of capturing what he sees, when he isn’t at home in Australia.

Screenshot of Nicole Baas, from the portfolio websites collection.

Nicole is a photographer located in Boston. With her understated style, she takes a journalistic approach and loves to capture moments that will last a lifetime. She specializes in weddings, portraits and family sessions.

Screenshot of Studio McGee, from the portfolio websites collection.

Studio McGee is a design studio that will bring to life amazing spaces within your home and personal space. They will combine their skills and taste with your requests and make you feel comfortable and right at home with bright, airy, clean-cut designs.

Screenshot of Venatus, from the portfolio websites collection.

Venatus is an advertising company that helps brands around the world. They work on apps and websites, working hard to bring in your audience successfully and maintain impressive engagement rates.

Screenshot of Irene Berni, from the portfolio websites collection.

Irene operates a Bed and Breakfast called Valdirose in Italy. She shares her expertise for food, atmosphere and photography with her audience through Instagram and hosts workshops so that others can learn her techniques.

Screenshot of Pantera Capital, from the portfolio websites collection.

Pantera Capital is an investment firm focusing on financials and blockchain technology. They work with successful entrepreneurs and investment companies to conquer their field and provide the best services focused on forecast.

Screenshot of Brit Cochran, from the portfolio websites collection.

Brit Cochran is a makeup artist in New York City. Her looks are used in advertising around the world and are sure to grab your attention no matter what. She has a ton of experience in her industry working in fashion, graphic design and photography making some super cool projects.

Screenshot of Matthew Scott , from the portfolio websites collection.

Matthew Scott is a Cinematographer that creates awesome film projects, works in still image photography and has an educational blog. You can find tutorials on a variety of elements associated with these topics and access free downloads too!

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